Many would agree that there is too much negativity in this world. Through the rise of digital technology, we have grown too far apart. Our goal is simple and the means of achieving our goal is even simpler! We want to spark more positive interactions between people within our communities. A simple wooden coin that shows that you see and appreciate others is what we use.

As a business owner, you will know how to best use KindCoin to allow positive change in this world through the kindness of your customers. We are simply having fun with this project and are excited to see how things grow organically through the community.

 Here are the basics!

1. Purchase the KindCoin package you would like.

   (design fee and shipping are included in the cost)

2. We will email you after purchase, requesting:

     -Your business logo.

     -The item that your coin will be redeemed for.

     -Special text (up to 25 characters), such as a business address, quote, etc.

3. Once we receive your information, we will generate and email you a picture of your sample coin (please allow 24 hours).

4. After you receive your sample picture, let us know within 24 hours of any changes you would like to make. If after 24 hours, we have not received any requests to make changes, we will complete and ship your order. You can also respond with your approval and we can start making your coins sooner!

Once you receive your coins:

You set the cost that customers pay for the coins. Your customers will then gift these coins as they wish. Maybe it’s to their favorite teacher. It could be given to a local firefighter or police officer. Or maybe the supermarket cashier around the corner. How about giving one to a complete stranger!!! Once the coin is gifted, it is then returned to your storefront in exchange for the item listed and ready for recirculation!